The 4th industry and its relationship to digital transformation

The Industrial Revolution is a name that has been repeated since ancient times, and each of its stages has different developments, until we reached the Fourth Industrial Revolution in its different form from the rest of the other revolutions, since the beginning of the eighteenth century, industrial life has witnessed a set of changes as a result of the emergence of technological devices that contributed greatly to the progress Industry.

We are now in the process of being exposed to the largest technological change in the field of industry that mankind has not seen before, and that the changes that will occur contribute to saving the time and great effort that a person used to exert.

But before clarifying the changes brought about by digital transformation in industrial life, it is necessary to identify some important developments that preceded this technological progress that we are about.

What was life like before the industrial revolution ?:

Life before the emergence of industry was very primitive, as the whole world relied only on self-sufficiency, and agriculture was the main source for achieving this self-sufficiency only, so humanity had no life.

Until the first industrial revolution appeared, and is the true beginning of the first industrial revolution, it started in England as it is the cradle of the revolution, especially since England at that time was suffering from poverty and tyranny, which made the life of mankind witnessing conflicts and fluctuations that led to thinking about how to find alternative solutions that would help achieve sufficiency Self? From this standpoint, the first industrial revolution appeared.

The first industrial revolution that caused the transformation of humanity from agricultural to industrial life:

Who knew that thanks to the invention of the steam engine in the eighteenth century, mankind would turn from the primitive world to the world of civilization and progress, as it was relying on using this machine instead of manpower in the production of mechanical energy and fossil fuels.

At that time, the progress in the coal and iron industry at that time was one of the great developments that Britain was witnessing at that time.

Also, after that, the discovery of the textile industry was reached, as Al-Batali, Britain at that time achieved a tremendous expansion and shifted production from agricultural production to industrial production, and began to develop plans for action.

The second industrial revolution:

The First World War had a major role in bringing about a great revolution in the world of industry, especially in the sixties, and it caused tremendous development in Britain - Germany - Japan - France, as this is a group of countries that achieved a huge boom at that time.

In addition, many different fields in the industry were discovered, such as the discovery of electric motors and their use in the rotation of factories, and also communication technologies were discovered, including, for example, the telegraph and radio, which greatly contributed to achieving communication very quickly at that time.

Work was also done to develop steel factories by taking advantage of the ideas of Sir / Henry Bessemir, who contributed greatly to increasing production and reducing labor.

This is done through the process of oxidation of iron and removal of carbon and then keeps it molten and thus the production process increased.

The Siemens Martin took advantage of the ideas of Sir Henry and even added some processes to them, for example making use of scrap pieces that leave the industry, and thus starting the recycling process for the industry again. The second industrial revolution achieved many tremendous developments in the field of industry, and many devices used different technology that helped them achieve this progress.

The third industrial revolution:

It is the revolution of the second half of the twentieth century, where the third industrial revolution achieved a huge boom in the field of industry through the emergence of the Internet and the emergence of programming mechanisms as well as the emergence of computers.

In the third industrial revolution, many devices were discovered that helped to achieve progress and tremendous development in the field of industry, and this progress led to the use of many programming mechanisms that led to a boom in the world of industry as the machine replaced the human, which led to A decline in the level of per capita income.

Despite the technological development achieved by the third industrial revolution, it created some problems in terms of the labor the factory needed.

This is in addition to the fact that computers have become providing services that contributed to providing a large amount of information that needed a great effort from human labor, and therefore technological advancement offers many advantages and also affects some aspects.

But the advantages of the third industrial boom are more than the disadvantages, as it contributed to the increase in production as well as the increase in product quality among the most important features achieved by the third industrial revolution.

In addition to that, the Third Industrial Revolution contributed to increasing cultural openness among the population, as it provided many commodities that the individual did not expect in his life.

This is in addition to the fact that the third industrial revolution witnessed a great boom in immigration money, as a lot of the population migrated to cities in order to keep pace with this technological development that humanity had not experienced before, and for this, relations developed between countries and import and export of goods between countries and some of them became one of the most important relations that strengthened between them. Which contributed to reducing wars and living in peace.

The third industrial revolution is the revolution in the beginning of the emergence of digital communications as well as artificial intelligence devices.

The fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation:

In the recent period, we started talking about a big boom in the world of industry and talking about a fourth industrial revolution. The world was astonished at the breakthroughs achieved by the third industrial revolution. A day in tremendous progress.

The fourth industrial revolution is the emergence of new devices and technologies that will help to discover the world as a whole, but will also affect the economic and social side in terms of the positive,

In the twenty-first century, after a century of surprises and developments, many smart devices will be discovered that will replace the workforce, which makes everyone think about the importance of technological progress, as well as thinking about the human employment that will decline with the emergence of these devices.

Artificial intelligence devices will replace the workforce, which is not easy for countries, as they want to obtain development, which contributes to the increase in the production process and at the same time fears unemployment.

But in fact, the digital transformation that will witness the industry will help a lot of future generations by focusing more on education and therefore you will find a group of scientists and inventors who will make a huge leap for you later.

We see what is happening now from the invention of robots that do a lot of things instead of humans, as genes are being modified, and artificial intelligence may replace humanity in the coming period.

Also, unexpected new technologies will be invented, and this is what many scientists and experts assert, as we are in the process of being exposed to an unexpected technology boom. Contribute to changing your behavior and changing the meaning of humanity.